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Free Instagram Likes

Опубликовано: 06.11.2020

Free Instagram Likes

I am very pleased that at last I have begun to receive requests for working with color from Belarusian brands - which means the market is gradually beginning to understand that color can actually sell. Previously, most of the customers were from Russia and America.

I think many have heard that 80% of color information is not controlled by logic and directly affects customer behavior, see https://top4smm.com/free-instagram-likes. And with this, with all your desire, you cannot do anything. Whether you like it or not, when we see the color red, our heart rate rises, our blood pressure rises, and we become more agitated. All people react to colors in the same way (except in pathological cases)

It has been scientifically proven that visual perception is the most developed among all types of human perception. Up to 90% of decisions to try a particular product or service are based on visual perception and color.

Looking at the color, we start to want something. For example, red and orange awakens our appetite. This is why the same fast food brands are so fond of using this color. But the blue on the contrary dulls the desire to eat and drink.

Considering the possibilities of adding ‘ #’ , let’ s start by clarifying what is and why hashtags are needed on Instagram. Words marked with this icon take on the specified tag value for the selected photo. If you add a thematic hashtag on Instagram to a picture of the park, then users typing the same word in the search bar will be able to find this particular image, for more details here https://top4smm.com/free-instagram-likes

But using hashtags is a little more difficult than it seems at first glance. Adding the tag “ # favorite_park” to a hypothetically considered photo of a park, it is very difficult to get to the top of search results with it. Why - the number of hashtags under the pictures, exactly repeating the example in question, Instagram offers a lot. After all, almost every network user has their own favorite park. However, specifying “ #favorite_park” instead with the exact name makes it easier to get a good result. After all, now the tag points to a specific place, allowing users to rate the photos taken there and by you.

Therefore, hashtags for the Instagram network are, in fact, ordinary keywords that they write to make it easier to find the information you need. They are visible to all registered users, but on condition that the account is open. Therefore, correctly, placing tags under your pictures from the phone, you can increase their popularity. And also to improve page traffic among all Instagram users, not just friends.

The answer to the question of how to make a hashtag for a photo on Instagram is extremely simple - you need to put the # sign in front of the selected word of its description. Then they become a link giving access to all publications marked as well. However, the ease of creation made using hashtags to promote a page quite a challenge.

Now they are overused by Instagram business profiles for aggressive advertising and bots. Therefore, in order to rise above them in search results, it is necessary to study in more detail the intricacies of working with tags.

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