Choosing the best architectural university abroad

Architecture comprehensive, it organizes the space around us, from our apartment to the general urban infrastructure. The profession of architect has long been one of the most respected and responsible. It can be engaged both in an interior, and to design large housing or public objects, to solve global town-planning problems.

In addition, to design interior design, both public and private. Architects can act as a decorator, completely decorating the interior space.

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The first steps

Perhaps the three main advantages in education abroad are quality, diversity and opportunities. Your decision to enroll in a foreign university will be affected by the length of life you have made. Roughly speaking, there are three of them:

  • At the end of high school, or the first courses of a Russian university
  • When obtaining a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree in a Russian architectural (and, perhaps, mathematical, engineering or even artistic) university
  • When receiving a master's degree from a Russian university

These reference points will give you further coordinates for choosing an overseas institute.

In the first case, we will have to show patience, because foreign universities are still wary of our educational system. Therefore, most countries will have to complete preliminary courses lasting from 9 months to 2 years (depending on the country chosen).

It is encouraging that often the final exams of such courses are equal to the entrance examinations. You can bypass the preparatory programs, if you apply for admission at the end of the first courses of a Russian university. However, in this case, the years of study at a Russian university often do not count and “burn out”.

In the second case, admission to the “zero” level does not hold water: despite all the cliches, the Russian education is still worth a lot. The first courses you will trample on, clearly surpassing their fellow students in knowledge. Therefore, having received some basic knowledge, think about the master's program.

Note that the process of admission to the master's programs is more personalized than undergraduate. Sometimes you need experience, recommendations, serious attention is paid to the personal qualities of the candidate. Bad news for specialists: despite the whole year of difference, your diploma will most likely be equated to bachelor’s.

And, finally, the most venerable and experienced architects with a master's degree, seeking to get a powerful career elevator, will be interested in Postgraduate programs or PhD .

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Country selection

Having defined the program, you are faced with the choice of a country. Here two factors will play the main role - knowledge of foreign languages ​​and your architectural preferences. Regarding language learning, I will say one thing - best of all, you can learn a language only in the host country. In addition, it will be useful to immerse yourself in the flavor of the country. But at the expense of architectural preferences, you have to think about, so you do not regret.

Try as closely as possible to get acquainted with the architectural traditions of the countries that are most interesting to you and project them into yourself. Indeed, despite the current trend - to drive everyone under the same comb, each country has its own manner, national features and individual characteristics in architecture. Therefore, it is important that the characteristics of the local heritage harmonize with your sense of style.

It is easy to guess that your material well-being will be another factor. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to apply for grant or scholarships . And oddly enough - abroad important in obtaining a grant will be a properly executed package of documents. Therefore, start training in advance, one and a half to two years before the start of training.

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Free study guides and scholarships in England, USA and Australia. Download by clicking on the picture.

Have you decided on a country? Choose!

School of Architecture Architectural Association (England). Legendary architectural school, the undisputed leader of the ratings. More than 90% of both students and faculty are foreigners. The program presents both “full-fledged” educational programs (5-year programs with a diploma and assignment of the specialty “architect”, as well as master's programs for 16 months) and post-graduate programs a year in 11 directions.

School of Architecture at Columbia University (USA). Another “monster” of architectural education has been training specialists since 1881. The school is a division of Columbia University of New York, part of the Ivy League and widely known outside of the States themselves. The school itself specializes in master's programs (7 areas with a duration of 2.5-3 years) and specialized courses (duration 2-3 months).

Architectural faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). It is difficult to suspect the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the inferiority complex because of the neighborhood with replicated Harvard. The Institute is considered to be the world leader in the field of science and technology. The school has a full cycle of study: undergraduate (4-year program, graduate - 3.5 or 2.5 years, and a doctorate - at least 2 years. There is also the possibility of distance learning.

Munich Technical University (Germany). The university is part of the association of technical universities in Germany TU 9 and is the largest university in Bavaria. The architectural department of TUM is generally the only place in Bavaria where you can get a degree in "Architecture". The faculty has repeatedly awarded various prestigious prizes in the field of architecture. The faculty offers both a bachelor program - 8 semesters and a master's degree - 4 semesters.

In addition, you can find excellent high-tech architectural universities in Italy, Holland , Switzerland, Denmark, China and Malaysia. And each of them will be able to offer you excellent learning conditions and a diploma with which the whole world will be considered. For example, not as replicated, but because no less interesting universities:

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Estimated cost of training: $ 4,300 per year

Tunku Abdul Rahman University - This is a reputable private university in Malaysia, which offers high-quality and affordable programs in English. Architecture at the university can be studied at the undergraduate and graduate level. At the same time, both academic and research programs in the field of general architecture, construction, geodesy and environmental technologies in architecture are offered.

University of Huddersfield, UK

Estimated tuition fee: $ 18,400 per year

Being an innovative educational institution Huddersfield University is committed to preparing a new generation of professionals with fresh perspectives and ideas. The university offers a wide range of architectural programs at various levels. Among them are unique programs with a specialization in international architecture, which involve foreign trips outside of Europe to get acquainted with the architectural traditions of different regions of the world. In addition, university programs lead to the prestigious accreditation of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Estimated tuition fee: $ 29,000 per year

Located near Manhattan New Jersey Institute of Technology specializes in training qualified personnel for work in the field of exact sciences and technologies. The institute offers fundamental undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of architecture, urban planning and infrastructure planning. An important place in the university is occupied by programs with a bias in engineering technology and construction. In addition, you can get a Ph.D. in urban systems.

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Estimated tuition fee: $ 15,000 per year

Chalmers University of Technology included in the list of the best engineering universities in the world. Providing students with generous scholarships and various options for professional development, the university offers affordable and high-quality English-language education. University graduates are in high demand not only in Scandinavia, but also abroad. You can study architecture in English at the university at the master's level. In particular, in 2 years, you can get degrees in architecture, planning and sustainable development, in architecture and urban design, in design and construction project management, in building engineering and technology.

Polytechnic University of Milan , Italy

Estimated cost of training: $ 4,400 per year

Milan Technical University It is the largest engineering university in Italy and teaches students from all over the world, offering programs not only in Italian, but also in English. At the undergraduate level, the university offers an English-language program in architectural design, which includes workshops and a variety of study tours. In the master's program, students have access to programs with specializations in general architecture, construction, architectural design and history, architectural and urban design.

Popular programs in the field of architecture

Foreign educational institutions offer a wide range of programs in the field of architecture with various specializations.

Programs with a double specialization in related areas - architecture and design are very popular. For example, such programs are offered in Huddersfield University (UK), College Fanshou (Canada), Sydney University (Australia) and Queen Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

Another popular trend in modern architectural education is architecture and sustainable development. Programs of this type prepare professionals who will use the relevant principles of sustainable development and environmental friendliness in architectural work, in the field of urban planning and urban planning. You can get this kind of education in universities like Sheffield University (Great Britain), University of Kent (UK) and University of Missouri (USA).

If a student wants to get full knowledge of the development of architecture, various architectural styles and technologies, he can choose one of the fundamental programs in the field of history and theory of architecture. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, such programs are offered in Carleton University (Canada), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and University of Groningen (Holland). English Buckingham university It also offers interesting graduate and doctoral programs that prepare experts in classical and historical British architecture.

University programs are very popular among students, allowing them to receive a double degree, while studying architecture and another discipline. One of the world's leading providers of such programs is University of Derby (Great Britain). At the undergraduate level, the university offers numerous programs with specializations in architecture or architectural design and in business, management, history, marketing, sociology, etc.

Features of admission to architectural programs

For admission to the architectural programs of foreign universities, students submit a standard package of documents.

It includes:

  • completed application form
  • passport copy
  • certificate and transcript of assessments
  • other certificates and diplomas available
  • Certificate Exam
  • motivation letter or resume
  • letters of recommendation

Since architecture is a creative discipline, in most cases additional entry requirements are added to the standard list of documents.

First of all, we are talking about a portfolio. It is necessary for admission to the architectural programs of many foreign universities. For example, the prestigious School of Architecture in the composition University of Kent on your website notes That portfolio is the most important component of a student's application. It is in the portfolio that the student can demonstrate their abilities and talents, it is a reflection of the creative vision, conceptual and creative thinking of the student. These are important factors that the school admissions office takes into account when enrolling.

In addition, some universities conduct introductory interviews with potential students. These interviews help the selection committee to make a more accurate picture of the student’s creative potential, and also provides an opportunity to personally discuss the portfolio presented to them.

Have you decided on a country?
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