Gathered for treatment, but the money was not needed. What you need to know, helping on the Internet

  1. The boy is sick, but he is treated for free
  2. Passport is enough to open a charity bank account
  3. How to work with applications in charitable foundations?
  4. In addition to the conclusion of doctors need a certificate of income of parents

A call for help to a boy bathed in boiling water for a few days received There are almost 4,000 reposts in the Belarusian facebook. The father of the child asked for 5,000 euros. While some people were silently transferring money, others began to doubt: is help needed in this particular case? After checking the doctors it turned out that they were not. Child. BY figured out what kind of pitfalls a charity network has.

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The situation was unpleasant for both donating money and for the parents themselves , who did not expect such a response.

Call for help initially posted on its pages is a successful IT entrepreneur Andrei Gusarov . The last days he devotes all his free time to settling the situation.

The boy is sick, but he is treated for free

His trainee contacted the entrepreneur in the past and asked for informational support. He explained that his son had poured over boiling water and now lies in the burn ward of the emergency hospital . The child needs help and material support.

According to Andrei Gusarov, he had no reason to disbelieve his colleague in the past. He says he decided to help "like father to father." Before publication, just in case I called the hospital and clarified whether such a patient had been brought. Doctors confirmed.

Post began to spread rapidly in the network. But in the discussions, some users began to doubt why the parents of the child need money. Belarusians shared their experiences: such burns are successfully treated in the hospital by our doctors, and completely free of charge.

Assumptions arose very different: the money is needed for special preparations, for rehabilitation, for bribes to doctors (even such thoughts slipped from some users).

Andrei Gusarov decided to investigate the situation personally and the next day he went to the hospital to talk with the doctors.

It turned out that the treatment and rehabilitation of the child are free, no additional medication is needed. Amount taken from the ceiling. I tried to find out from my father what exactly caused the desire to collect money, but did not get a clear answer. I suppose that this was done on emotions - in the very first days after the child received a burn. Someone told them that they would need treatment abroad (10,000 euros), they had 5, so they decided to collect the remaining amount (I heard about this from my mother’s mouth). I do not think that this is a “divorce”, most likely, people were guided by emotions.

Now it turns out how much money was transferred to help the boy. In the near future, all the money will be sent to one of the charitable funds so that those children who really need it will receive help, the source has assured us.

For himself, the entrepreneur has concluded that in the future he will assist only targetedly or through funds that specialize in this. And it is important to always check the need for paid treatment.

Passport is enough to open a charity bank account

Many commentators asked the question: can a charity account be opened without a certificate from a doctor? It turns out, yes. Belarusbank does not request clients have no documents other than a passport.

A person who wants to open a charity account writes a request to open an account to raise funds for the treatment of such and such a person for a period of a certain period, either in Belarusian rubles, or in dollars, or in any other currency. This is a standard procedure that takes a few minutes.

How to work with applications in charitable foundations?

Funds are accountable to legal entities donating money, so strict verification is required.

Anastasia Shatko, specialist in public relations of the Chance Foundation, tells.

- We are not doctors in the foundation, we need medical evidence that a child really needs some kind of treatment. Therefore, parents are obliged to provide a medical certificate, there is a certain form. In addition, most often we go to the hospital where the child is being treated, we communicate with his doctor.

Sometimes Belarusian doctors do not believe that a child can be helped, and abroad parents are given a chance. In such cases, the fund requests are considered individually, call the clinic, ask local doctors. And it happens that really help.

In this case, the fund is most often denied to parents who are in too much of a hurry and want to raise money for additional treatment, which has not yet been approved by doctors. For an organization, this is not a 100% informed fundraising.

In addition to the conclusion of doctors need a certificate of income of parents

There is no well-defined amount that limits charitable assistance. People can have a high salary by the standards of Belarus, but even they cannot afford to collect 50 thousand euros in a few months, the expert explains.

The main difference of the fund is that the official organization can always provide a report on the use of funds. And from a person who collects money independently, it remains on his conscience.

But this does not mean that everyone who collects money through a personal charity account is a scam. It is important to carefully understand the situation.

- You are reading information, there are always contacts, you need to communicate and ask questions. There are cases when parents are engaged in fundraising independently justified, because the foundation can not help everyone. But, in our opinion, parents must keep accounts for philanthropists and give information about how they spend their money.

About cases of fraud with the collection of funds for children in the organization have heard repeatedly, but the specific stories are not called here.

- Most often, such schemes revolve around large sums when the child is underlined rescued, with loud headlines about full recovery after treatment. For example, we cannot guarantee whether a child will be cured or not.

Svetlana Belous

Do you respond to calls for help on the Internet? Check the information before you transfer money?

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