How to become a professional accountant?

In our country, for sure, one in five is a lawyer, one in three is an economist, and one in four is an accountant. The unemployment rate is four percent. Why did it happen?” - You ask. Yes, because these are the most popular professions for this day. So, as you understand, the competition is just frantic, so the best survive, more precisely, the best get the job.

Everyone remembers the great financial crisis of the two thousand and eighth year, when millions of people around the world were left without work and not because they were poor specialists, but simply because they massively reduced departments and staff, as companies were simply not able to pay for work so many people, that’s why they left real professionals, because only such people could pull the company in difficult times for it.

It's no secret that the first one from anyone, in the literal sense of the word, everything depends on the company has an accountant. It is this person who keeps records and the movement of funds, calculates taxes, draws up a financial report and the budget of the enterprise, he also deals with paperwork and personnel, and contracts. An accountant can be at one and the same moment both an economist, a secretary, and also a lawyer. There are also various associations of accountants, for example, the international one, which allocates its own status as a professional accountant, which means the profession of an auditor, chief accountant, tax consultant and financial director. This means that if it is in a difficult situation, it will be beneficial for the company to leave only one or two professional accountants, if it is a small company, for example, than to separately maintain a lawyer, an economist, and an accountant.

Therefore, when another financial crisis is approaching, people involuntarily ask themselves the question: “How not to lose a job”. What do you realize at such moments you need to become a professional, a real ace, the best of the best in your business. And the first thing you should start with in order to achieve this goal is education, you need to choose a good university. However, do not think that upon graduating from the university all doors are open for you, because good knowledge can also be obtained from a not very prestigious university, it all depends on you and your desire to get knowledge. Those individuals who study only for the sake of "paper" are unlikely to achieve professional heights.

In general, in our opinion, the university provides only the basics, theoretical knowledge, if you want to achieve heights in the profession of an accountant, then you certainly need to sign up for specialized accountants courses , where, unlike the university program, you will consider not only the theoretical foundations and outdated accounting programs, but also perfectly master such programs as 1C of the latest version.

Reading specialized literature is one of the essential needs of a professional accountant. You can buy a book, write out some kind of specialized journal, or even a newspaper where you will find not only innovations in laws and instructions, but also legal advice, explanation of controversial situations, ambiguous points and ways to solve them, because very often an accountant it’s a difficult situation and he doesn’t know a way out of it, but a professional accountant must know a way out of any situation and be ready to face something.

However, education, self-education and study of accounting programs on Moscow courses 1C - That's not all. One of the main points on the way to a real professional accountant is compliance with the ethical requirements specified in the Code of Ethics for professional accountants. One of the principles of this code is honesty, since the accountant must be honest and direct in business and professional activities. Following her is objectivity. In no case should a professional accountant show bias, allow a conflict of interest and the influence of other people on his business and professional judgments. The next principle is professional thoroughness and competence, because a specialist must constantly improve professional skills and knowledge, or at least maintain a decent level, in order to provide the employer, client with appropriate services, which include knowledge of practice, technology and legislation. Confidentiality is an obligatory principle of work of any accountant, not a single accountant will allow himself to say a word about the information received in the course of business and professional relations to third parties, and even more so he will never use it for personal purposes. According to professional behavior, the actions of a professional accountant must maintain a good reputation for his profession and in no case should discredit it, for this you just need to comply with laws and regulations.

In the end, I would like to note that the career of an accountant is a slow and stubborn climb to the top. Over the years, a person becomes a real pro in his field, accumulating skills and abilities. It is quite difficult to earn a good name and quickly reach heights in this matter. True, every beginner accountant, whether a student or a housewife, has only completed courses to achieve a high-paying position. It all depends on your desire, because as you know, "Under a recumbent pebble a little water does not flow."

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