How to lose weight without harm to health

Extra pounds frustrate not only adults, but also children. But often they become stout not through their own fault, but out of their parents' oversight. Being slim, fun and full of energy is easy! The book by nutritionist endocrinologist Natalia Fadeeva, “Food without Harm: Tasty Tips,” published by Alpina Publisher, tells where the weight comes from, how food affects your child’s body and what you need to do to lose weight. This is a real cheat sheet for children on proper nutrition!

This is a real cheat sheet for children on proper nutrition

Since the book is aimed at children and adolescents, it is written in easy and accessible language. For example, about the metabolic processes in the body is written so that it will be understandable even to a primary school student.

Have you ever wondered why a person should eat and drink? After all, probably, not only in order to enjoy the taste of ice cream, buns, sweets and other mouth-watering products? The fact is that with food we get energy that sustains our life just as brushwood keeps the flame of the fire ”

The author of the book writes that the body receives energy from food, and explains how it takes more resources to absorb which food. Also, a nutritionist says that calories are spent during activities (walks, sports, study) and rest (which is why it is important full sleep ).

When a person eats a lot and spends little energy, it accumulates in his body in the form of fat, and he gets fatter. To stop and reverse this process, you need to increase energy consumption. This will be possible if you do two things at the same time: give up the use of easily digestible products and increase motor activity. ”

Children are told that it is equally important for the body to get proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as micro and macro elements, vitamins , dietary fiber and water. Speaking about the importance of certain nutrients, a dietitian tells you what the rate of consumption, for example, of proteins, where they are contained and in what form they are best obtained.

Do not think that if you eat a big, well-fried piece of meat, you will get so much protein that it will last for the whole day. In fact, with strong roasting and charring on fire, the quality of the protein and its ability to be absorbed in the body are reduced. So you want to lose weight - no frying. Protein products are better to boil, stew, bake or steam ”

Children, or rather teenagers, who are already more consciously thinking about getting rid of overweight often fall on the hook poor quality information about losing weight. They go on various diets found on the Internet that can be harmful. It is important to know that any nutrition program for weight loss in a child should be made by a dietitian! After reading tips in social networks, adolescents can thoughtlessly reduce calorie intake or refuse carbohydrates, which is absolutely impossible to do.

If you refuse at all from carbohydrate-containing dishes or eat them in insufficient quantities, you will eventually be tormented by feeling of hunger, trembling in the legs and dizziness, you will become ill-thinking and you will not be able to move from weakness. And you can even lose consciousness! ”

On this topic:

The author of the book says that you should not abuse fats, but they are necessary for the body to live a full life as well as proteins and carbohydrates. Children explain what fats are useful, and the use of which you need to minimize.

Too much fat can be found in salad dressings and sauces. Try to choose the right refills: vegetable oil; lemon juice; yoghurt non-fat classic; sour cream 10 percent fat; sauces based on tomatoes, berries, plums; homemade ketchup

Children will also learn about the importance of dietary fiber for metabolic processes. That whole grain cereals should be present in their daily ration. bread , vegetables and fruits, greens and sea kale.

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How to salt food, where we can get iodine, so necessary for the body, how to get basic vitamins with food - all this tells nutritionist in a form understandable to every child. And the main question that worries everyone is why how much you need to drink water .

How much does a person need to drink per day? If you eat vegetables, fruits and soup every day (and since you are reading this book, I think you already started eating them every day), it’s enough to drink five to six glasses of liquid. For example, tea, dogrose decoction, compote of dried fruits or fresh fruits and berries, milk or dairy products, or just water. ”

In the summer, in hot weather and with an increase in physical activity, the dietician advises you to drink more ordinary water, limit the use of fresh juices and smoothies, and also abandon carbonated drinks and sweet lemonade.

  1. There are delicacies only on holidays.
  2. Follow the diet
  3. Arrange the right snacks
  4. Move more

Also in the book is given a "crib for the student", which will help the child to navigate in what is best to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as what snacks are considered to be correct.


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